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  1. Hi, I decided not to see any players stats (XMV neither Aslains) during a battle. I have unchecked everything in "Panels and windows" but I still see my previous install configuration during a battle. It means players stats in "XVM number". Any help? python.log
  2. OK, thx, already found it, had to switch to English
  3. I just cant find it, in what part of is this "battle observer"? "Panels and windows" or "hit log settings"? Just cant find the name anywhere.
  4. OK, thx, I ll try that.
  5. Hi with last 2 updates I have the following problem. Zoom stuck almost every game. Just want to zoom, can do it for some time a than it stuck. Leaving and entering the zoom mode does not help. Edit: When using the last update I have also problem when launching the game. It takes much more time than it did before. I see my tank, the enviroment, everything generally but get stuck on spawn place and cant move. python.log
  6. When entering the game but this might be problem of my pc. But I have still problem when entering the battles as mentioned in my initial topic. Problem prevails, same games keep crashing. python.log
  7. Continuing crashes during game :/ any help? python.log
  8. Now I have problems even entering WoT, logs enclosed. python.log
  9. Well every fifth battle maybe? There were two in a row and then 10 game everything OK.
  10. Hi, last several days I encountered this issue. When launching the battle the game crashes. Last thing I can see is what map I ll be playing and teams composition. Then the game crashes. It does not happen every battle and it had happened before but only from time to time. Logs enclosed. Any help? Thanks a lot. python.log
  11. Thanks, found it
  12. Hi, some time ago there was an option which provided me with penetration, armor and range vision ingame information of the vehicles I met in the game. I cant find anywhere when installing the modpack. Am I just blind or there is no such option right now? I really liked it as I dont remember parameters of all the vehicles in the game.
  13. Hi, I have different problem with my 5 rows carousel, please look at attachment. Can anybody tell me what does it cause? python.log
  14. Hi guys, I am wondering whether somebody encountered the same issue as I did concerning marks of excellence. For some time I use 5 rows display of tanks in my garage. Several updates before I realized that marks of excellence are missing. I see average damage, winning success but marks of excellence disappeared. When I choose only 4 rows everything is OK. I know it is not important but I would really appreaciate if this was fixed. Thanks for bloody excellent job Aslain! python.log