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  1. CNCRouterman

    WOWS Loading Slow

    I've been observing slow load in as well, but I noticed it about 2 updates ago, not sure if its related to the mod pack or not... guess it's an easy test though... uninstall mods, try a match or two, reload mods, repeat.
  2. CNCRouterman

    Can't get gun to fire?

    So, would you care to comment on the following scenario: Experiencing severe lag, say 300 to 500 ping. Engage a target moving at high speed left to right, and about to get behind cover, I fire at leading edge of target a meter or two before hard cover. At close range so projectile TOF is under 1/10 sec (so under 2 meters of target movement), but lag could allow 8 meters of target movement due to target's speed, will the server calculate a hit, or will the fire command (and target hit evaluation) be delayed by the 0.3 to 0.5 seconds of lag? On one hand I am inclined to think it should hit, based on being hit while in full hard cover from the firing tank, on the other hand, I expect it to miss given the high number of times Lag has cost me "a sure hit". This brings to question what is the order of precidence in the server/client relationship. Does the server accept the clients "version" of aim point, target location, target speed? Or does the Server only accept what the client's aim point at the moment the server recieves the client's signal, which then questions at what does this mean in the case of a moving client's tank?
  3. Different computer, different AV, same files, no problems. Thanks for the responses.
  4. Hello, Just ran a virus scan last night and found an "archive bomb" in the light intensive boarder of maps DLC cashe. Don't know if it is a false positive or legit issue. Here's a screen shot of the report, showing file and location.

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