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  1. [] Ghostman101278's Contour Icons

    Thanks!! I can finally remake those old icons
  2. [] Ghostman101278's Contour Icons

    How do you make icons for new Swedish tanks? Since the icon maker by Roman hasn't been updated
  3. http://worldof-tanks.com/meltymap-s-mathmod/
  4. Oh, I see. I just found the least version which works fine. May I post the link here?
  5. Procedures mentioned in "How to report a bug or issue" were performed. Melty crosshair isn't working perfectly. -HP indicator shows "NaN" -targeted vehicle reload time only shows 12.75s -zoom indicator in sniper mode is incorrect (4x only) At the bottom part of battle screen: -ammo counters float (since last patch, 0.9.8) Do they only appear to be my issues or some one else also has the same issues? python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  6. 3.9.25_v1 bug?

    I think i "fixed" the problem. elements.xc and vehicleNames.xc are the reason that causes the missing file bug. The solution is simple. Open both files with Notepad, delete all Chinese words(see below). Basically, i don't understand what they mean. They are meaningless in Chinese language) I am using Win7 64bit(English version), with Chinese IME disabled. You may try to fix the mod based on my procedure, but i don't think it is necessary to disable Chinese IME. PS. running WOT in English and installing mod in English. Using Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.3.9.26_93
  7. v.3.9.23 missing XVM file

    uh...i am using English version Win7 64 bit. maybe Asian client is the main source of the problems
  8. v.3.9.23 missing XVM file

    no selected OTM, no enlarged minimap with L-ctrl, XVM stats not working correctly(only last 2 digits of WN8 are shown), no multilined tank carousel, no advanced info on carousel and hitlog is not working correctly I am running English during installation.
  9. I tried to install the mod with Clean install - FULL, Remove the contents of DLC cache and Remove the contents of World of Tanks Cache. But the problem still appears and v.3.9.20 is the latest working version without this problem. Basically, file "vehicleNames.xc" exists. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. HR 1.944 and Gnomefathers engines 0.58 should be the problem. ​I tried several combinations, here are the results: 1. Aslain 3.9.5 only = OK 2. Aslain 3.9.5 + RU-251 = OK 3. Aslain 3.9.5 + HR 1.944 & Gnomefathers engines 0.58 = OK 4. Aslain 3.9.5 + HR 1.944 & Gnomefathers engines 0.58 + RU 251 = crash 5. HR 1.944 & Gnomefathers engines 0.58 only = OK 6. HR 1.944 & Gnomefathers engines 0.58 + RU 251 = crash