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  1. TitaniumKnees

    Not loading in the game

    It's seem to be ok, I know what happen, don't know why but I had to reinstall and choose my choice because they were all erased, so everything is fine now
  2. TitaniumKnees

    Not loading in the game

    Even with the last version, your mod is not loading in the game, only XVM work Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. TitaniumKnees


    I always read the change log, This time I just got that message loading the game, it worked last update, just though something happen since then. Reporting is not bad, sometime it's nothing but sometime it's important .
  4. TitaniumKnees


    Seem your last update has a bug with XVM, had to download XVM directly from their web site. Your version after installation says , XVM test version, may not work completely etc.....

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