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  1. bungo7

    Premium ship captains

    I have not long ago purchased the premium ship graf spee with a 10 point captain. This was all to train the captain for when I grind to the Roon. Now I have the roon I want to put the Graf captain in the Roon. Why do I have to retrain this captain costing 500 Doubloons when I thought it was free?
  2. bungo7

    Camera views

    Thanks for trying but I dont have this option in my settings. In controls I only have Movement, Cruise Control and Weapons Group. Nothing about Track shell/torpedo. The closest thing is Track locked target but I am pretty sure thats not it. Eureka. I have found it. Stupid me, you need to scroll down on the right hand side for more options. Thanks Quaksen
  3. bungo7

    Camera views

    Thats my problem. I cant find the specific key that I can uncheck. I have looked in controls and there is nothing specific to guide me as to which box to choose.
  4. bungo7

    Camera views

    Hi, sometimes when I play I hit a certain button which I think is my scroll wheel on the mouse and the camera is as if it is sat on top of the shell as it travels to its target. I also had one where the camera shot was of the torpedoes as they sped through the water. This looses me precious time and I dont know how to cancel it in my settings. Any ideas?
  5. bungo7


    Can I move a Captain from one premium ship to another premium ship from the same nation without penelty. Steve.

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