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  1. I've been using the Zeiss camera mod for I don't know how long. Unfortunately I don't know which of the options I actually used, but whichever it was it seems to have been removed. I mainly used it to zoom out more to always be able to see my ship entirely. I tried the "Zeiss Expert" now which supposedly should give me a greater FOV. But even when fully zommed out I can't see all of my ship. If I "scroll out" one step further than that the camera moves away a lot (hard to describe how much, my ship is approx. a quarter of the size it is at the zoom step before that) and within half a second the camera zooms back on to my ship. I can't imagine that this is an intended behaviour. Will there be an option again to zoom out a little bit more like it existed before 0.8?
  2. Lupin III.

    Show camo bonuses as small icons

    I have alot of different camos (just a few of some, more of others), about a total of 30 different ones right now. It is really annoying to have to hover over every camo to see what it actually does in the tooltip. It would be nice if you could see that right in the list. I think showing the numbers right there would be too much, but color coded icons right on the camo symbols would be nice. There could be a coin for credits, a star with silver outline for XP, a star with golden outline for free XP, a star with white outline (or a captains hat) for captain XP for example. Depending on the bonus the icons would be color red (or bronze) for up to 50% bonus, yellow (or silver) for up to 125% bonus and green (gold) for any bonus above that. This would make finding the right camo for certain missions (e. g. if there's an XP mission up) so much more comfortable.
  3. Lupin III.

    Base XP counter

    Hello? You know a damage counter exists? It is pretty much the most useless counter for objective gameplay. Capping? Doesn't increase damage counter. Spotting? Doesn't increase damage counter. Shooting down planes? Doesn't increase damage counter. Tanking damage? Doesn't increase damage counter. So you think it is good to see a counter that people can try maximize to maximize (and do; just look at sniping BBs), which has limited use for the team? And at the same time you think it is bad to show players what actually helps in winning, because they could try to boost XP? I don't get it.
  4. Lupin III.

    Ship names on map no longer show on Alt-key

    But isn't the problem with that that it overwrites the whole config file? When the mod changes and adds new parameters for example they get lost immedtiately, because they don't exist in my "old" config. Is there a way to create a kind of a "patch" file? Or can I create a file that only contains that single setting (in the correct XML-tree position), which gets loaded later and "soft overwrites" the option?
  5. Lupin III.

    Ship names on map no longer show on Alt-key

    Thanks! Setting "active" to true did the job. Is there a way to keep that setting without having to edit the file after every mod-pack update, because I definitely want the behaviour to be the default?
  6. I think it was one of the minimap mods that added the feature to toggle the ship names on the minimap when the alt-key was pressed. Was this function removed or is it bugged out? If I want to show/hide the ship names on the minimap I now have to do it the "old" way of going into the game settings menu.
  7. I usually have around 45 FPS (+-10) in a game, with or without any mods installed. When I hold the CTRL key to get the mouse pointer it drops to around 30 FPS in "clean" WoWs (integrity checked and no mods). If I have mods installed and hold the key but don't move the mouse, it drops to about 15FPS. As soon as I move the pointer it drops to 5 FPS and if there's a few planes my game turns into a 1 FPS slideshow, making it pretty much impossible to select any plane or other ship for secondary fire/AA. Is there a way to find out which of the mods is causing this hogging of CPU as soon as I move the cursor? The method of activating/deactivating single mods and trying it out doesn't work well, because I pretty much need to play full games to be able to tell if it did really change anything and do that for a quite a few combinations of mods. Currently I have these mods installed (text from the current _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log file): ------------------------------[ Spielerpanel Mods ]----------------------------- Panel von AutoSpy Klassenpanel mit HP Balken ---------------------------------[ Kamera Mods ]----------------------------------- Kamera "Zeiss" (erweiterte Kamera + erweiterter Zoom) (von Mebius_LW) Zeiss Extreme x25 -------------------------------[ Die Minimap Mods ]--------------------------------- Minimap mit Schiffsnamen Zeige benutzerdefinierte Minimap-Kreise an Zeige Zielrichtungslinien an Schiffsnamen vergrößern Besser Sichtbare Torpedos im Wasser & Geschütztreffer spritzer Weißer Style Feueralarmrahmen Feuer-Bildschirm ausblenden Chat Gruppe 1 Verbesserter Chat (Zeige die Schiffsnamen in Klammern) mit kompletten Namen --------------------------------[ Sound Mods [DLC] ]--------------------------------- Besatzungsstimmen Dasha Perova [RU] -------------------------------[ Verschiedene Mods ]-------------------------------- Bänder Bewege die Bänder in die Mitte Alt Hud (Schiffrichtungsanzeiger mit Rauch-Zähler) Navigator Navigator: zentriert Rauch-Zähler (Alt hud) Rauch-Zähler: zentriert Nebel entferner Anti-Blendung (Sonnenbrille) Trainingsraum aktivierer Schiffbewegungsanzeiger Aktiviere die Fähigkeit Gefechtsreplays aufzunehmen

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