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  1. plainsman

    WOT crashes

    ditto here also. CTD immediately upon entering garage after log-in, about 90% of the time. Sometimes happens when entering a game, or in the middle of one. WOT error window states its an XVM error.
  2. plainsman

    OTM squad number illegible

    Here are my files, sorry for not posting before but I wasnt looking on getting it fixed for myself..it was just a heads up for you. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  3. One of the recent releases changed the the squad icon/number colors to dark green/black resulting in an squad number that is difficult to read. I have been changing the squad number to white (with a smaller font) in markersalivenormal.xc each time I updated your modpack, but I thought others may be having this problem as well. It's a minor correction and my hope is that you can apply this change for us in future releases. Thanks for a great installer and modpack! P.S. My fonts are up to date, in case anyone is wondering ;)
  4. plainsman

    WN8 discrepancy

    Thanks for the insight Almace! I will monitor as advised.
  5. plainsman

    WN8 discrepancy

    My in game WN8 rating is higher than external sites such as wotlabs, vbaddict, etc. which have been reading approx 100-150 points lower than my in-game xvm stat (currently apprx. 1650). This has been occurring for almost two months now and I cant find any explanation. Aslain's wonderful mod is always up-to-date as is my XVM subscription. I re-installled WOT from scratch (including new dossier) but the issue remains. It seems that the in-game stat always runs closer to my recent WN8 rating from wotlabs.net, although that could just be coicidence. Perplexed and confused as usual, and would appreciate any insight you could offer, paticularly if this is a known issue with the xvm database. I cant seem to glean any useful information from the engllsh section of the xvm forum, but I suspect that my stats displayed in-game are over-stated. Thanks in advance! P.s. tanker name is: _orangesquirrel_ on NA server.
  6. plainsman

    WN8 discrepancy

    Just to clarify...I'm not reporting a bug in the mod pack (which is fantastic) which is just reporting xvm data stored elsewhere. I'm just wondering if someone knows of any similiar issues with the xvm data as I cant get any useful info from the Korean Random site using google translate or english subforums. :) I'm not even sure who to contact to report this, so i appreciate your patience.
  7. plainsman

    WN8 discrepancy

    Firstly, thank you very much for your response. I apologize in that I missed some underscores on my name. Here is the link to wotlabs: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/__orangesquirrel__ Regarding your second question: the in-game xvm wn8 rating I was referring to is on the battleloading screen, players panel, and service records-vehicle info screens. There is no inconsistency in the rating between these locations. Its that noobmeter, wotlabs, wot-news, vbaddict, etc. all show a wn8 that is over 100 points less. At this moment the game xvm is showing me as 1662; while wotlabs-1510; wot-news-1503; noobmeter.com-1510 and so on. Not a really big deal, but I'd rather not be a blue target when it isnt earned. Thanks again for responding!
  8. plainsman

    auto equipment

    Same problem here. Completely non-functional, as if it is not installed.

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