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  1. akrasia40

    Damage Meter

    OK thank you I am going to wait for the modif then
  2. akrasia40

    Damage Meter

    Hello why in the mod the function damage meter stay not has its place and has every disconnection he recovers complétement has left while I put him in the middle of screen thank you and good day
  3. akrasia40

    Installation Requests Disk Drive in Drive

    dsl I did not notice because at my house it is white text on black background
  4. akrasia40

    Installation Requests Disk Drive in Drive

    for the worry of the mouse the support service my answered that they are aware of this problem. I am just the fact that as soon as I install the mod aslain has every startup of the games it puts me the message there is no disk in the player and blocks the game I am obliged to open the bar of the spot and close this window so that the game starts and that since the update 0.6.10
  5. akrasia40

    Installation Requests Disk Drive in Drive

    thank you for your reply so fast: I disable my anti virus and also malwayrebyte but I can not finish the download every time it puts me too much time it is elapsed and it stops installing mod this afternoon and I will keep you informed if he continues to ask me the reader
  6. hello I have a worry since the update 0.6.10 voila: as I install the mod aslain the games crash at booting and put me a message saying there is no disk in the drive and either i click on continue and it works but often I have the black screen can you help me thanks and if there is a person who knows why I can no longer assign the artillery camera to my central wheel (shortened message reserved) while I have no keys assigned and seen the zero customer service of wows who answer me for tricks debils i ask my question içi thank you again all of your help
  7. akrasia40

    Triple Monitor Mod

    Think you give the option triple screen it was too perfect thanks to you

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