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  1. hope this pic from creator of this mod helps you a little. 30 узлов - 30 knots 5 секунд - 5 seconds
  2. And little addition here. With two scales you can easily calculate lead for speeds 40 knt by multiplying lower scale ×2,for 25 knt you take middle between higher and lower scale, and for 35 kn you can take middle between higher and ×2 multiplied (for 40 knt) lower scale.
  3. New custom dynamic crosshair

    Hello. If you asking about nomogram crosshair here is some info: Upper scale graduated for 30 knot speed in seconds for shells flytime. So if you see target with known speed of 30 knots and shells will fly to it 5 sec, aim at 5 on upper scale Lower is the same but for 20 knot speed