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  1. leifurh

    Shoot circle of arty is invisible

    I don't speak German but as far as I can see the SPG range option is UNchecked, that alone would be enough to prevent the range being shown ... right?
  2. leifurh

    Changing Servers

    Yes indeed, if you select the appropriate server's check box then that's where you end up (which is nice) - but you are still unable to change server dynamically the way you used to be able to.
  3. leifurh

    Changing Servers

    It is not a matter of game versions, something seems to have changed. Both NA and EU are now at the same version, yet I am stuck on EU with no choice being offered. Even worse, the two launchers (Wargaming installed the Game Centers and a separate instance of the game at one point) are BOTH locked to the EU server. Screenshot attached - this took me to the EU server.

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