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  1. chipps101

    X marks the spot

    yes i know your dispersion is different when you have a target lock. i'm just pointing out that it would improve your chances of having the shot on target as to gauging a blindfire shot without any assistance.
  2. chipps101

    X marks the spot

    But you do see my point that it could be used to target ships on the mini map that you cannot see ingame during a cyclone for instance ? i mean ships that your team mates have spotted and are visible on the mini map but you cannot see as you are outwith spotting range.
  3. chipps101

    X marks the spot

    i've never seen the X before, i have seen the ship direction lines and the gun lines but never the X that marks the spot you are targeting.
  4. chipps101

    X marks the spot

    it gives you the ability to target a ship that you cannot see ingame by using the x on the mini map to target your shells. I don't think WG have realised it can be used for this.
  5. chipps101

    X marks the spot

    Hi there, In the latest version of you wows modpack i have noticed a x target marker that indicates where you are aiming on the mini map along the gun pointing direction line. I fell this could very easily be abused (targeting ships you cannot see but are highlighted on the mini map by team mates during a cyclone for example) and would like to see this feature removed.

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