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  1. rcillig

    no gun sights

    I was using Taipan 2 also and it wasnt showing...... Ill try a different one.
  2. rcillig

    no gun sights

    i uninstalled the cross-hair part of the mod and I got the stock ones back working.
  3. rcillig

    no gun sights

    ok just updated the mod and dont have any gun sights while in game, ran the installer a 2nd time just to make sure but to no eval it didn't fix the issue. Love your mod but =( for now I got to wait to play 1.0 I tested several different tanks to make sure it wasn't just one tank with out aiming sights.
  4. rcillig

    client language changing to Ploish

    thanks very much, I had the advanced one checked... i looked it over several times before I posted and just didnt catch it.
  5. The newest update it auto changing the language to Polish, double checked everything and I got change language unchecked. The launcher remains in English but once I load in game It in polish.... how can i fix it.. thanks!

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