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  1. Nah, happened again and this time everything goes about the mod. Restarting the game solves but not resident.
  2. same here... I didn't even know such an assigned key exists. Well use or not issue happens. You may forget to come back here to tell your problem gone =)
  3. That solution works fine. Thank you, this answer should considered as the top solution for this issue.
  4. I will try this and continue playing, if it is fixed at mee too i will note it here. Thank you.
  5. Normally there must be the tank symbols exists at the top center of the screen during the game round. After a few rounds it gones and I can't figure how many and what kind of tanks left at enemy or at my team. After closing the game and restarted they comes back. But problem occurs after a while again.. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Blocking of shot

    firstly i know it goes for just a day or a few it doesnt my point. secondly my mention is about the auto message "@XXX you are blocking my shot" etc. This wasnt optional yet. Maybe everbody doesnt like to send an auto message everytime a shot blocks so maybe a selective option shall be considerable.
  7. Blocking of shot

    this is totally a need. Safeshot is works fine for saving us to shot our allies but sometimes allies accidentally blocking our shot and we cant have any time to warn him in-game action so sending a blocking message automatically to gamechat will be very good.