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  1. Compressed Texture mod not working

    Hey aslain I didnt notice a difference in game what could have gone wrong My antivirus was disabled all along
  2. Compressed Texture mod not working

    Thanks so I just need to cop all the contents of version to and it will work right?
  3. Compressed Texture mod not working

    Thanks for checking Aslain, Hey what do you suggest i do? should i move them myslef or is there anything else i can do?
  4. Sorry for the double post hey i wanted to make sure i installed the compressed texture mod okay. Because i see no difference visually or in my performance the game still lags Before the mod i had 20 fps at lowest settings after the mod it is the same. I did this 1. Downloaded aslain mod-pack 2. Selected to install only compressed textures 25% 3. Checked the option to remove all previous mods 4. The textures downloaded successfully Here is the res mod folder and the archived logs. Note: the version folder was created after installing the mod. Thanks for the help