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    Sorry. North America (US)
  2. I am the proud Commander of the Grogan's Heroes (GROGS)...We are a small clan (by choice) made up of game friends that have been playing together for more than 2 years. For us, the game is as much a social event as a pure game. We like to laugh and have fun with it. We are a drama-free clan: no bitching at members, no "I am better than you" players, we critique to improve not criticize to berate. We try to make sure that EVERY clan member gets Clan Battle time. Outside of Clan Battles, we are very active in div'ing up and having fun blasting one another. We have some extremely knowledgeable, very skilled members. No matter what your experience level, we can help improve your game and skills. We are an eclectic group composed of all ages (18 to 68), genders (yep, we have a female member), geographical (we are international!), multi-lingual (English & French) members. If you are interested, we'd be glad to talk to you. We have a Discord server (Free, easy to use app) that we use for comms (it is a must). We are not stat whores - the only stats we consider is your number of games played (must 1000+), average damage and xp per battle. BUT most importantly, you must fit in with the group. We require that any prospective members take the time to talk to us (Discord) and do some random divs with some of the members. We make our member decisions as a group. If you like to have fun and play Warships at a high level, then give us a shout. We are very selective, and we're not for everyone. But we are also not like any other clan. Not looking for just warm bodies to fill out the numbers! Our Clan Website: https://grogsclan.enjin.com/
  3. CaptSemmes

    Add clan icon

    We would like to have our clan icon included (hopefully) the next WoW update. I have attached a properly sized & formatted image. THANK YOU! Clan Name: Grogan's Heroes Clan Tag: GROGS

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