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  1. Fr4kt

    Camouflage swap bug

    I have tried it. Customization Manager from lgfrbcsgo will swap camouflages perfectly, but does not work with preset styles. Since I only have one style, I couldn't care less, but I thought it might be worth mentioning here, for those of you luckier than me
  2. Fr4kt

    Camouflage swap bug

    Wow, nice! I didn't know about that one, downloading now!
  3. Fr4kt

    Camouflage swap bug

    Makes sense, thank you very much!
  4. Fr4kt

    Camouflage swap bug

    Yeah, what I mean is if I install Auxilium, it swaps camouflages without a problem. If I uninstall Auxilium and try to use the same functionality from your modpack, it bugs with some of my tanks (e.g. Lowe, Lorraine arty, Batchat 12t). Ever happened to you? Or else, any luck trying to reproduce the bug? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello, When selecting the option "Auxilium" ---> "Enable auto-mounting of camouflage" there are some tanks it will never work for, such as my Lowe, my Lorraine arty or My BatChat 12t. No matter what camouflage I choose for them, as soon as I switch to a different tank in my garage, the camo is removed and never reapplied. Antivirus was disabled during installation. Log attached. As an extra, I tried to uninstall Aslain pack and install only ShuraBB mod since I wasn't sure who to report the bug to, if ShuraBB or you. His mod appears to work without any issues at all, hopefully this extra info will help you find the bug! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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