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  1. __Crusader__

    stuck in loading screen with leopard 1

    Mine was doing the same thing in my STB-1, T30, and my T34 HT. OTM's move around when I move my mouse, too... And I hear the battle going on around me. Only thing that works is completely deleting everything from my 9.7 res_mods folder and playing vanilla...
  2. __Crusader__

    Gun has stopped firing

    Having all the same issues here, and so are some of my clanmates on NA. Game works fine for a little bit, then all of a sudden it won't fire when I click. And sometimes, usually before this starts, my gun will fire on its own as soon as another round is loaded -- like it's a runaway weapon on full auto or something. I tried uninstalling the autoaim mods after I had heard that they were bugged, but I'm still having the same issues. The game works fine sans mods, but alas, I really love Aslain's, and I simply won't play modless...

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