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  1. JimmyBond

    Can't load the battle

    Yes i have. Turned off firewalls. AV software, absolutely no difference? Its just so strange as its only when the computer is turned on, and the same modpack works fine if installed again? I even did a full fresh install of 9.3 in the hope that would solve it, but no joy :(
  2. JimmyBond

    Can't load the battle

    I have exactly the same problem. Everytime i turn the computer on, i get stuck when loading up a battle. However, if i install the mod again it works fine? Its only when the computer is turned off and on again that i have the problem, and its the same for every modpack for awhile now? I however, have no problem in opening .zip file. Please help me as this is now driving me nuts! Aologies for hijacking this but iu couldnt start my own thread yet! JimmyLogs.rar

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