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  1. Thanks Avalon

    New skins from Avalon are great. Thanks very much. I don't like clown or GF skins, so being able to replace them with normal paintwork looks great. (if I was being picky, I'd ask for normal camo skins for M4190 and Skorp G, but that would just be icing on the cake )
  2. CTD during game

    Hi Aslain, I reported this bug on the WOT forums a couple of days ago. I'm having frequent crashes to desktop during the game, normally when driving in a straight line. When I log in again, I return to the game but my tank is normally dead as its carried on driving without me and driven off a cliff, or into a river, or been blown up by the other team. I did a complete WOT uninstall/reinstall last night and re-ran your 4.6.28 mod pack. I had 10 games fine last night, but have had another CTD on my third game this evening. I attach the python log and your zip file of logspython.log_Aslain_logs.zip thanks for your help Geoff EDIT: I've just uninstalled your modpack and installed quickybaby's and had the same CTD. QB's pack is pretty simple, so I guess the error must be with my vanilla WOT installation? EDIT2: I've just uninstalled QB''s modpack and have played just vanilla and had 2 CTD's in back to back games.