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[FIXED] Gnomefather & Zorgane engine recording error.

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How do I contact these people to report a recording error in one of their engine sounds?


In case I can't contact them, the issue is this:

For the engine sounds for the MT-25, the sound played when you come to a stop (usually an engine spin-down sound) is recorded UNUSUALLY LOUD compared to the rest of the sound files.

At first, it was amusing, because it makes the tank sound like a loud yawning bear. But now it's bugging me. I don't mind the sound, but it's volume is recorded much louder than all other sounds in the engine mod.

I figured they should know so they can edit that particular file to get it to the same playback level as all the rest.

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Hi! Here works fine for issue reporting (though, usually Aslain has to bring it to my attention first).

Thanks for the report --  I don't think I've heard that sound described in such a way before, but that description is rather fitting now that I hear it 😂

Anyway, I've looked into the issue and adjusted the audio levels to match the rest of the engine's peak volume in the editor. Update should be out + sent to Aslain shortly. 🙂

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  • Mr_Ekshin changed the title to [FIXED] Gnomefather & Zorgane engine recording error.

That was fast! The next update included the engine sound download. All sounds great now.


And on another note...

I already use the optional French engine sounds that I found by digging into the mod (love them).

I was looking because I REALLY want to find a way to disable the "knocking" engine sound that is a part of every tank's (stock or modded) initial acceleration. Not sure if you know what an engine knocking sound is (kind of a mechanic thing), but as a mechanic, it makes me want to adjust the timing of all my tanks.

I need to get back to digging into the bnk files and replacing that horrible sound with... well nothing should work, since it sounds like WG made it an overdub to the normal engine sound (except played during initial acceleration).


Anyway. Thanks and peace! 🙂

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