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# of tanks on cap not showing; T-ing targets off and on; battle timer

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The problem with the number of tanks on cap not showing is constant.


Only if I delete the BattleTimer.swf file does the battle timer show.


T-ing targets has been intermittent.  I've re-installed the modpack several times, trying different options.  One strange thing was that it was working well for many battles during one install, but then the client crashed.  On restarting to the same battle, T-ing didn't work.


I tried using the Mety's sights downloaded in your pack, but the scope power indicator remained fixed on x4 no matter what zoom I was on.  I then left sights uninstalled with your pack and installed the Melty's that was linked in the WoT EU thread, and the zoom indicator was fixed.


Requested files are attached.  T-ing targets is working--for now.



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