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    No problems playing without mods is a change

    Asian server updated to modpack installing with warning
  3. Selected tank Highlighter

    Just tried it again selected green came up orange but loaded attached logs ans screen print Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Installed Selected tank Highlighter ( green )and Garage would not load didn't try other colors Hung on updating vehicles tried 3 times with same result Removed mod and loaded garage instantly Dave
  5. Hi I'm still using 9.20 with All was working well until this morning when it started to crash to Desktop with evey attempt. I was able to get it up and running after some trial and error I found any mods selected under PMOD was causing thew crash to Desktop Dave
  6. New update

    WOT not installing mod pack on Asian server game now showing 20.1.3 Game loads but without mods
  7. Arty Aiming

    Been playing Arty with same mod pack without any problems All shells are hitting targeted area
  8. Mini Map ?

    Yep Battle Hits Viewer causing it only since updating to 09 Dave
  9. Mini Map ?

    Any idea whats causing the top minimap ? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Tried with 1 sight selected entered game ok but turrent facing rear of tank and can't fire Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain Version: Installed on: ASIA Client ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Destination location: I:\TANKS Setup type: Custom installation Selected components: -----------------------[ The Mod Pack (non-XVM mods) ]---------------------------- ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------ Crosshairs crosshair: Mjölnir (blue)
  11. Just read this on the Asian Forums It has been confirmed by the XVM developers: - The error of XVM crashing the game has indeed been caused by the anime tanks - There will be no fix for Asia server 9.20.1are running 2 different versions of the game: 1. ASIA region 2. Everyone else It's not the anime tanks per say, it's the fact they are ASIA server only. This makes the Asian server carry a slightly different version of the game than the other regions. Thus causing the compatibility issues between the Asia server and XVM. WG do not develop XVM, therefor it's not their problem. XVM dev team go largely unpaid, and do not have the resources to write a separate, region-specific version of XVM. If we are lucky they will work on incorporating a fix for 9.20.2, in about 2 months time. Until then best let any of our potential US server migrants know to be aware; XVM is no longer available on the SEA server.
  12. Selected only non XVM mods nothing in XVM branch selected and still crashed on launch removed all mods and works fine
  13. AU server not supposed to be online until 1 nov I'm on default w.o.t. server as per default install settings
  14. It seems like anything from the mod pack is enough to crash it It crashes with only one item selected eg Selected components: ----------------------------[ The XVM section ]------------------------------------------- -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]------------------------------------- OTM by Aslain 1st line over HP bar 1st line: Vehicle name colored by ally/enemy The shadow intensity behind OTM strong shadow BTW whats going on with the extractor I get this now How do I get the files now ? Logs for the 1 item attached ARGUMENT 1 (PATH TO CUSTOM MODS): "I:\TANKS\Aslains_Custom_mods" ARGUMENT 2 (PATH TO EXTRACT TO): "I:\TANKS" python.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log xvm.log
  15. Have uninstalled Re installing game and will enter mods 1 at a time until it crashes