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  1. Is Modpack Updating ?

  2. Is Modpack Updating ?

    I have installed v. twice now and each update since v. But when I look at Aslains Installer Complist it shows v. Is it updating or is it stuck on _11 for some reason ? the date hasn't even changed today is the 4th World of Tanks folder? ->> Yes Clean res_mods and mods folders? ->> Yes Current date: 24-02-2018 and time: 09:23:14 Build date: 24-02-2018 Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain Version: Installed on: ASIA Client Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Visual Camo Net mod

  4. Visual Camo Net mod

    Can see net in your replay but checked a few of mine and none show put nets on different vehicles to test but all the same no message that it's fitted like in your replay just net off. I dont thing the mod is seeing it 20180219_2132_usa-A41_M18_Hellcat_35_steppes.wotreplay
  5. Visual Camo Net mod

    My German tree Rhm-B WT & Grille 15 From mod author site for German tree Germany Branch LT: Ru. 251 Branch PT: E-25 Steyr B WT Rhm. Scorpion G Rhm.-B WT WT auf Pz. IV Grille 15 SAR branch: Grille Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip HAve just tried Hellcat with same result no visible net
  6. Visual Camo Net mod

    I have checked the list and have several supported vehicles with camo net fitted but still cannot see any nets on any vehicles during games still only( camo net off ) at beginning of battle count down Wondering if the mod even workes !
  7. Visual Camo Net mod

    With visual camo net mod installed & camo net mounted on vehicle can you see your own camo net ? All I get is ( camo net off ) at battle count down I have never seen a camo net.
  8. Contour icons reversed

    Panzershiffer icons reversed Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Just played 3 games and there ok now could have been something ramdom
  9. Mod to find female crew

    Had the same problem last week Didn't know wher they were Just selected default male crew All female crew remain female in barracks

    No problems playing without mods is a change

    Asian server updated to modpack installing with warning
  12. Selected tank Highlighter

    Just tried it again selected green came up orange but loaded attached logs ans screen print Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Installed Selected tank Highlighter ( green )and Garage would not load didn't try other colors Hung on updating vehicles tried 3 times with same result Removed mod and loaded garage instantly Dave
  14. Hi I'm still using 9.20 with All was working well until this morning when it started to crash to Desktop with evey attempt. I was able to get it up and running after some trial and error I found any mods selected under PMOD was causing thew crash to Desktop Dave
  15. New update

    WOT not installing mod pack on Asian server game now showing 20.1.3 Game loads but without mods