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  1. Hi all, I am looking for some no xvm mods or wot setting, if they exist, to: - autologin - replace gold with silver as default to buy ammo - set Players Panel --> Start mode --> Short (simply the tank icons). - remove the clan name from players lists Thanks
  2. gmarco

    Reverse tank icons in crew panel

    yes it is fixed Thanks so much to everyone.
  3. gmarco

    Reverse tank icons in crew panel

    Ah ok, I see in the 09 release that there is : "- moved antimirror files to .wotmod format" Is it related to this iussue ? I am downloading ... I'll try soon
  4. gmarco

    Reverse tank icons in crew panel

    It works like a charm. It removed the Aslain icons in the crew panel (the standard icons are shown instead but it is not a so big iusse because tere is also the name of the tank in the side) ... but they still works in combat player panels during battles. But which "addon" installs that icons there and is there something else they are doing ? Thanks.
  5. gmarco

    What mod is ?

    Thanks for the answers. Finally I know what is it
  6. Hi Aslain, I am experiencing this strange bug. I have installed your tank icon without XVM and I set to fix the reverse in battle player panel. But in the crew panel I see the tank icon still reversed Is there something I can check/config to fix this or simply to remove that icon ? Thanks so much for your attention. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. gmarco

    What mod is ?

    Hi all, is there someone here which can tell me what addon is this and what it is written here ? Thanks
  8. gmarco

    OTM settings without xvm

    Aslain, thanks so much. I'll be so happy if in a future release of your modpack you can provide us a cool OTM without xvm like you do with xvm version In the meantime I'll try to understand something in the link you have sent us (very difficult for an italian native speaker ... let's hope in google translator ) Thanks again ... you replies are so much appreciated
  9. gmarco

    OTM settings without xvm

    Aslain, thanks so much for your so fast reply ... really appreciated. So it is wg that adds a green/red layers on otm icons ? And the result colors I see are a mix of your original colors and the red/green layer ? Am I wrong or sometime ago existed and editor for OTM ? or it was XVM related it too ? Thanks again.
  10. Hi, I'd like to not install the xvm so I disable the check of the XVM related addon/settings in the installer and use only non XVM mod. I really succeded in having a nice outfit. I need only a couple of things related to OTM. 1) I'd like to have the Aslain icon on the top of OTM but with the original colors ... now all my team have icons in green while the enemy team have on red ... I'd like to have the colors I am habits to see (red for heavies, green for light and so on ... ) like the icons are in the player panel. 2) I'd like to remove the class icon. Both of these things are possibile using XVM ... are they possible without it ? Thanks.
  11. I try to explain the post better. I don't think it is an aslain xvm bug, because I now removed all mods, delete C:\Users\MY_ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks files (so the game is reset to defaults) and the bug is still here. I was curious if others have the same problem or I am missing something (a different switch behaviour ???!?!?). Thanks again
  12. Hi, I was used before to filter only the NON ELITE tanks (to check which ones I should play to progress them). But now the switch elite on the filters seems to report wrong tanks when I switch on-off showing always elite tanks without care of the fact I it or not. Anyone is experienced it too ? Thanks.
  13. .52 fixes the iussue and everything is as expected Thanks very much Aslain
  14. Hi all, is it a my fault or in the latest 51 I am not able to find the class icon setup (... to remove it) . it was present in .50 http://postimg.org/image/fprxi5pc1/ I have read that in this last release there will be a refactoring of the OTM section, but probably this setting is missing ? Any ideas ? Thanks.
  15. gmarco

    Aslain mods on Apple mac

    Thanks very much for your kind replies. I'll let you know how things go after we have installed all fonts.

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