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  1. DirtyHarry65

    Add clan icon

    Hello Aslain, Since a few weeks i cant see ANY Clanicons in the Game ! Regards
  2. DirtyHarry65

    Add clan icon

    Hello Aslain, Can you please add this clan icon? Server:EU Clantag:DBMFC Clanname:Deutsche Bundesmarine Fun Clan Thx
  3. DirtyHarry65

    File not found (404)

    Im Sry about the wrong section. Problem solved. Looks like a problem with (malewarebytes AntiMaleware)
  4. DirtyHarry65

    File not found (404)

    Hi, With your #5 Mod of WoW's i gotn error within th e installation. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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