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  1. Buran

    Crosshair Nomogram (Dynamic)

    Huh, well that explains why manually re-enabling it by editing the .xml didn't work like it did the last time it disabled itself. Thank you both!
  2. Buran

    Crosshair Nomogram (Dynamic)

    What happened to this crosshair? The dynamic one offered now is a garish (to me) shade and I'd like the Nomogram one to return as a choice.
  3. Buran

    Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file removed?

    I'm really missing the Chains aspect of the HUD customization, which is still missing even though a few icon options have been re-added.
  4. Buran

    Assign Commander to trained Ship (Montrofil)

    Hopefully the typo in "right-click" can be fixed.
  5. Thanks to a couple of helpful people on reddit and Tanz' page on facebook, I found a how-to that should fix the issue. For anyone else who runs into this problem, here it is: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/150154-all-usna_76s-paint-locker/?page=20&tab=comments#comment-4022570 It'll take another two hours to complete for me, but hopefully it'll do the trick. We'll find out soon enough. Thank you for the tip as well!
  6. Got it. Do you know which ships might be the affected ones? If not, I'm guessing I'll just have to pull them all and slowly re-add skins for the ships I use, then go from there. Ugh. I hate troubleshooting. Been IT for years, I know the hell that lies ahead.
  7. In both and, I can't run custom ship skins. The game will run fine with mods other than camouflages.xml+skins, but as soon as I try to add in the skins, I crash to desktop every single time. Can't seem to find an updated file and the modpack hasn't listed the camouflage hider as being updated in a while. Could somebody share one that works properly?
  8. On superwide displays, there is plenty of room left for more ribbons per row, as pictured. It would be nice to have options for 9-12 per row, not just up to 8. Furthermore, some of the mods don't seem to work right -- I still get only six per row, and the ribbons are not being replaced.
  9. Buran

    100fps cap

    Thanks! Selected and installed.
  10. Buran

    Extended Tech Tree

    I always thought these used the flags that the user has installed, if any - I get the historical flags because I installed a flag mod that provides them, but if I don't, I get the game standard flags. The tech tree just defines what ships are listed. Oh well. Please do keep adding the tech tree mod that is getting actively maintained; it's very handy!
  11. Buran

    ribbon mods

    Try dragging the clock to another spot. Here's what my UI looks like; I run the ribbons to center mod along with 8 ribbons per row. The clock works OK in this spot for me (super wide aspect ratio) but I could also move it to the left side instead. Many of the side panels ("ears") mods also let you change the width of the side panels, so you might find that adjusting that helps you.
  12. Buran

    100fps cap

    Not as common as 120 Hz monitors or 144 Hz monitors, but 100 Hz monitors do exist. For now the 120 Hz option works, but please add one for 100.
  13. Here's my log file. Latest/current mod mix. Strangely the installer seems to forget my selection of the Hakabase historical ship icons but that's a glitch with the installer, not the icons. I'll manually add them but the log will not reflect their existence. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip python.log
  14. Sure! I'll do that this evening (or, failing that, this weekend) as I'm not on my gaming system right now. I'd rather send logs from the system I actually use to play, not the ancient one I'm just using right now to respec captains.
  15. I have this issue as well. Like you say it's tough to sort out. I've looked at the python.log file but that doesn't do much to narrow down the issue. It helps me a lot more when the game outright crashes mid-battle because generally the last line of the log contains an error message that describes the problem. But this time, it just looks like it was loading and then just paused and never actually completes. So here's what I usually run. Perhaps we can narrow down commonalities. Hakabase historical contour icons BADoBEST v2 side panels ("ears") Old class panel with hp bars (so glad this came back! I do not like the new one at all) Dynamic nomogram crosshair (hang issue precedes switching to this) Gun marker shape no. 6 (these should just be texture files) Blue range finder Zeiss Zoom Sniper x25 (this is just an .xml and shouldn't cause hangs) BADoBEST Percent+nick Ship Movement Indicator MonstroMarkers "Black Citadel" v4 Chain detection markers (graphics files only) Hits marker 2 (graphics file only) Autospy minimap with custom circles and larger ship names (I'll probably remove the enlarged names soon) Session Stats Extended Tech Tree (this is just an .xml file set) Clear Vision (this is just an .xml file) AEGIS tracers (Aslain calls these "main guns: lines" and "anti-aircraft guns: lines") Hide Fire Screen Alternate ship HP bar Radio location: white with red triangle (never tested this; don't own ships with RDF. Probably just a texture file) Move ribbons to center (I think this is just an xml file tweak) Smoke indicator (not in the Navigator section) Transparent unobtained achievements (graphics files only) Golden premium consumable icons (graphics files only) Mouse pointers Enemy/self info panels Detailed damage indicator Companion Compact quick commands (don't know how to activate this yet!) Improved chat v3 Disable soot/burning effects Fog remover Anti-glare Training room enable Replay enable ... and I think that's it. What do you share with me?

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