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  1. immelmann

    chat no workie

    any help
  2. immelmann

    chat no workie

    i have chat selected off, yet it is still there.
  3. immelmann

    no chat

    i have the No Chat enabled, but i still see the nonsense in the chat.
  4. immelmann

    Merry Christmas to all!

    OMG!! lionheart!! that looks exactly like my house!! LMFAO!! you got the same prefab i do!! we had 2 inches of snow on my b-day (12-18), but it 90% melted by xmas. have not had a white xmas in about 7 years either.
  5. immelmann

    502 Bad Gateway

    just got home. down load good. thanx for what ever the fix was.
  6. immelmann

    502 Bad Gateway

    getting same error. never seen this in over 3 yrs. googles it. seems i can do nothing about it.
  7. immelmann

    bad gateway

    now i am getting this same issue. never seen it in the 3 years i been using the mods. is there a solution? looked it up on google, seems i can do nothing about it. edit: went and turned off all but 1 mod, and still get the bad gateway 502 error. tried switching to another single mod, and still get the error. so it does not matter what mod you select, you are going to get the error. guess the ball is in aslain's court. nothing we can do.
  8. immelmann

    secondary / AA destruction icons

    the whole point of it is, as i have stated, i can not see them, so i have no idea what i am losing.
  9. immelmann

    secondary / AA destruction icons

    so......no help?
  10. the tiny little black icons that pop up for a few seconds are almost illegible to me. some times i catch which type flew by, usually do not see the number. can any one put together a mod that makes these icons more legible and longer lasting? thanx.
  11. immelmann

    wows intro video

    hey aslain. just saw you added my video. thanx a bunch!
  12. immelmann

    wows intro video

    another side note. if you do decide to use one of the intro vids in you mod pack, my WoWS name is "The Bishop" Immelmann is just my forum name, and MWO
  13. immelmann

    wows intro video

    Intro 2. if you like Intro 1 better, i can send the files for that to ya. also, if you are interested, i made a 14 minute video, using those same scenes and some WoWS footage of my game play. i am new to video / audio editing, so these are some of my first tries.
  14. immelmann

    wows intro video

    hey aslain. well, i found no solution to the audio problem. i have attached the .usm and .bat files of one of the videos i did. the other REALLY needs the audio to go with it. it has original ship communications and klaxons and what not. here are the youtube links so you can see AND hear the videos. Intro 1: Intro 2: login.usm Produce.bat
  15. immelmann

    wows intro video

    hey aslain. got the video working, but no audio. checked that thread you gave me, and it seems others had the same problem. no solution was given. are we not able to do the audio? has any one here found a solution?

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