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  1. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip After installing the latest mod. pack I noticed that the vehicle information in the garage is missing. After turning off the mod but not doing a re-install of the mod pack and restarting the game, I ended up with the following. The individual sections could not be opened or closed. #
  2. Thankyou for quick reply.
  3. After using WG's attempt at this mod I have to ask......."How do you screw up something so simple?". Anyone else tired of the continuous up and down and angle changes every time the sight passes over a rock, tank, bush or imaginary obstacle?
  4. macOS Sierra 10.12.4 - Aslain_v.9.17.1_42

    Not sure if EU server updated yet or not but I know NA servers are now running 9.18. Could be they made the change on the same day as NA, which was Tuesday, or that they drop a micro patch in prep for it. Other than that, no idea, sorry.
  5. Vehicle Exp. Extended not updated for new LTs

    Issue solved in mod pack v.9.18.0_01.
  6. Issue solved in mod pack v.9.18.0_01.
  7. Vehicle Exp. Extended not updated for new LTs

    I am a little cheap when it comes to spending xp so I usually research from same class since it usually has a lower research cost. In the case of the T-54, from the LTTB it is 225k xp, from Obj. 416 it is 150k xp, and from the T-44 it is 142k xp. As for the LTTB being elited with research remaining. It has happened before. Last time was with the Tiger (P) when they intro-ed the new German HTs. Well, if you did not have the Maus already. I included the LTTB in the OP just to show that tanks that were already in the game before update were still good, even if they moved tiers. That it seemed to be limited to just "new" tanks.
  8. Issue solved in mod pack v.9.18.0_01. Does not list the exp needed for research on new LTs. It is still fine for the other tanks. So as long as you look at the research page for the new LTs this is not a major problem. Just an annoyance.
  9. Issue solved in mod pack v.9.18.0_01. Would send more info but since this mod is just not updated for the new tanks but still works to show the old ones this looks like a case of waiting. Tho if you can live without the new LTs being displayed it still works for you.
  10. 9.16.00 Minor Bugs

    The mini-map issue seems to be tied to xvm. I can install all the none xvm mods without the mini-map resetting. As soon as I install an xvm mod the mini-map keeps resetting.
  11. Most of the garage mods I use seem to be functional except for two issues. 1) While you can select the Anime_and_Vocaloid_MEGApack_by_Slayer_WoT_09152 skins mod, it installs to the old directory ( and not the new one (0.9.16). While it is easy to simply move the sub-directories to enable the startup screens and skins I do not know what problems this may cause for other mods ( I have not had any new issues since I did it). So use this way at your own discretion. 2) If I have "Show simplified technical characteristics in the Garage" selected it seems to be in conflict with Vehicle Exp Extended. This results in the game displaying nothing where the characteristics are supposed to be. If I deselect "show simplified...." and then switch to the barracks or something and then back to garage it displays the mod correctly. Here are the logs and two screen shots. First screen shot is after install, and the second after a few tries to figure out how to get two mods to work for me. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  12. Noticed you add the gun sound mods back in and gave them a try. The one from Guderian1979 worked but here are the logs and a screen shot. In the screen shot it says something about detecting and deleting something. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log Did not like the sounds so tried the one from cwjian90. Game would fail to load and crash back to desktop. Logs attached. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log And just in case it might be useful the logs for no gun sound mods selected. With a screenshot again showing that notification from scriptloader pro v1.17. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Not really important, but it seems since the 9.15 patch that the contour icon set PogS by Assassik changed without warning. It used to display armor on vehicle F(ront)/S(ide)/R(ear). It now displays it R/S/F. Still informative. Just a little odd.
  14. After installing the "Two Steps From Hell" music mod game would fail to start. The launcher would come up, but when the play button was pressed the launcher would close and the game would not start. After deselecting the music mod game started with no issue. First set of files are for ModPack 9.15.08 without the sound mod selected. WoT starts up and mods are working. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log Second set of files are for ModPack 9.15.08 with the sound mod selected. WoT launcher starts up and runs but the game does not. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log