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  1. ASIA Server not update to 9.16 yet, Where can I download 9.15 version Aslain's WoT ModPack Installer? Thank you~
  2. What do you mean? Old Login screens? Could you mind to upload the "patches" to me? Each Garage has own sound folder, for example: Premium Garage (hangar_prem_v2_music_lobby). Since I dont know the folder name of special Garages, so I can't install musics for them. I am sorry about that, I just follow the tutorial step by step to make music mod. I don't know the skill of using Wwise, so I can't solve your problem.
  3. Here you are. Known problems: Music (Victory, Defeat, Drawn game) will not stop to play when using Mark I garage but works fine with other garage.
  4. What is the password or Decryption key of the download link?
  5. Hi! Shingomera, I am sorry about that my English isn't good enough. Hope you understand what I talking about: I learn to create music mod from this article. [Link] I use this program. [Wwise v2015.1.9] It is very hard to create music mod when no one teach you step by step. But, I can help you to create your music mod if you don't mind to send music files to me. First, you need to download this file and unzip it. [BGMFoldersTemplate.rar] Then, place your music files in the folders by following instructions: (Maximum 15 songs each folder) Music for garage: hangar_prem_v2_music_lobby, hangar_v2_music_lobby (Maximum 1 song) Music for login screen: loginscreen_music_start (Maximum 15 songs) Music for playing after game is start to combat: music_combat (Maximum 1 song) Music for result page when victory: music_victory (Maximum 1 song) Music for result page when defeat: music_defeat (Maximum 1 song) Music for result page when drawn game: music_drawn_game (Maximum 7 songs each folder) Music for loading map screen: remain folders (difference map you can place difference music, or all map place same sound files for same music if you like) Above musics will play randomly in same group (folder) Next, Repack these music folders to winrar and send to me, I will help you to create your music mod. p.s. The mod will not stable if too many songs in folder The music files must be uploaded in WAV format.
  6. I repack the mod, it is easy to install now. It work in 9.15.2. Known problems: Music will not play when using Mark I garage and playing Convoy Mode because Mark I theme has its own BGM.
  7. Hello! Aslain, Could you mind adding my music mod in your mods installer? I hope everyone can enjoy these music~ Old version video BGM mod v9.15.2