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  1. It seems that W03L0BED came back yeasterday. This is new replay on version 0.7.10. Please send to him this if he need. I watched cobrazax's video and tried to play Ultra Hardmode, but could not play as well as he... 20181025_181631_PJSA009-Ryujo-1933_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  2. I identify the cause, Minimap Extended. That replay file can be played normally when I removed minimap mod.
  3. I've encounterd this incident again. So I waited for end of battle to generate a replay file. This file doesn't show all UI just as when playing game, but show correctly without mods (I just rename res_mods folder). ModPack configuration has not changed since my last post. I attach the replay file and hope this will help 20181015_170931_PJSA009-Ryujo-1933_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  4. I can watch them fine. My other replay files playing with Ryujo are ok too.
  5. I have same issue. Strange to say, I was also using Ryujo. The replay file of that battle was not created (probably because I tried to restart the game again and again...) It does not always occur. About once in 10 battles using CV. The last incident is Octobar 4th. After that I thought YAZOM(25%) MOD was the cause, had deleted. So I have archived logs now, but these are slightly different from the installation condition at the time. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. It has already installed by ModPack. But I notice that there is an old fonts_ASIA.swf in my private directory. When I clean up this one, some ship names written by Latin alphabet are shown, but other Japanese charactors are not.
  7. After ver7.4.1#2, ship names in minimap get grabled when I use Japanese charactors. And not shown alt ship icons. These problems can be avoided by editing gui\unbound\battle_loading.xml line 23. Please add this xml file as a selectable option to your ModPack. <css name="$FontMinimapShipLabels"><!-- --> <!-- <fontFamily value="$Exo2-Bold"/> --> <fontFamily value="$WWSDefaultFont"/> <mouseEnabled value="false"/> <mouseChildren value="false"/> <dropShadowFilter value="1 150 0x000000 2.0 0.25 0.25 1.0 1"/> <selectable value="false"/> <textColor value="0xFFFFFF"/> </css>
  8. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    thx Aslain
  9. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    missing in ver7.4.1#01
  10. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    um... something is wrong.
  11. nana

    Score timer by Ancient

    I had similar issue, but in my case, Cyrillic comment block in "battle_layout.xml" was the cause. I edited this file after ModPack installation, then its code page was changed by my misoperation. Of course I think that this is a unique problem for me.
  12. nana

    Score Timer

    Thank you for your quick work!
  13. nana

    Score Timer

    Would you add this mod? https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/109085-0740-мод-счетовод/
  14. I'm relieved to hear that. Thank you

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