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  1. XVM

    Login to WOT website first, then without logging out of WOT, go to XVM. Should work with whatever account you are logged into WOT website with.
  2. What is "forced armoring"?
  3. monitor choice dilemma on a budget

    Good reviews on the 32" http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/philips-bdm3270-32-inch-va-monitor,4938.html https://www.amazon.com/Philips-BDM3270QP2-LED-Lit-monitor-2560x1440/dp/B01LXPX9I4?tag=bom_tomshardware-20&ascsubtag=THUS31571511121303892&SubscriptionId=AKIAJLYKPRLXUSF4GDIQ&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953
  4. Install Error: sed.exe file

    Try disabling it temporarily. I have Malwarebytes and had the exact same issue. I don't have the problem on every install, only a few, but it works.
  5. Out of position on screen

    What's your resolution? I'm looking to get a bigger monitor. Now I may not want one. I'm currently running 2560 x 1440 without problems, I just wanted a 4k monitor. You might have saved me some money!
  6. Install Error: sed.exe file

    Disable malwarebytes for the installation then re-enable
  7. Cause of game crash found

    Did I miss the version of wiindows you are running?
  8. Aslain to Hospital

    Always think positive! Stay away from this "or no updates ever if they fail"! They won't! Best wishes for a quick recovery!
  9. It worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you.
  10. Turn off Malwarebytes to delete the files
  11. OTM Missing letters

    Tried it all, same problem.
  12. Thick HP Bars

    Aslain, we appreciate your hard work. Thanks!
  13. Thick HP Bars

    Would it be possible to ad the "Thick HP Bars" option to OTM by Aslain? I would like to use it but not at the sacrifice of losing options available in OTM by Aslain. Thanks
  14. modslistapi v1.0.3

    Thanks for taking the time to explain it!