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  1. Does anyone else have that problem? I tried several times - the same thing happens. After everything passes, even the Finishing installation text, this appears: And it freezes like that and can be shut only from task manager
  2. RaptoR

    Cannot Install Mod Pack (Runtime Error)

    No able to install. Downloaded 3 times from different links - the modpack seems to be corrupt
  3. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    What can I say after many hours of play: The new mod is not bad and it does contain almost all of the old minion voices. Although it is differently set (I do not know the mechanics of it) it is still funny. Apparently the maker has used many more minion samples and that is why some of the favourite sounds are rarely heard. What I can identify so far: - upon death two sounds are fixed - one of a crying minion and one of a minion falling into a pit or smt. - ricochet sound is set to be always the same - a ricochet of a bullet - killing sounds are unfortunately random and here I miss the YMCA by the Minions and the TADAAA sounds which are simply perfect for the killing shot - everything else seems to be random If I could only reach the author and talk to him haha
  4. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    Well, so we'll work with what we get
  5. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    Can we add more samples or something?
  6. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    I see that the sounds are not the same. I do not get the tadaaa sound after a kill. Is this a new pack entirely? Are the sounds random or are they assigned to certain actions?
  7. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    Brilliant work restoring the Minion pack!!! Thank you so much!
  8. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    There is nothing like the Tadaa voice when you blow someone up!
  9. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    What does that mean exactly? Old voice mod not compatible?
  10. RaptoR

    Minion crew voice pack

    Please bring back the super fun Minion crew voice pack in the mod pack. Why the hell do we have My little pony voice pack and not the Minions? Who would use that? The Minion voices are mega fun within the battle. Please bring them back.
  11. RaptoR

    crew voices

    Why the hell did we lose the Minion sound crew pack? It was simply brilliant! WTF having My little pony crew voices in english and not have the minions pack?!?!? I cannot believe that guys. Please bring back the minion crew voices...

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