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  1. Sorry, do not have logs, but I can tell you, the mod that I used as I tried them individually, was the Hakabase flag mods. It not only lost my islands on the mini map somehow, but it also causes player names not to display in game. With this mod removed, it works fine. Side note, not sure how to get logs. I see the link at the bottom of your post, showing What are logs, but it also seems to go to a WoT logger. If someone can tell me how to get a WoWS logger, I'll be glad to do it, but I can confirm, this flag mod, was the one causing both issues at this time.
  2. Kildayil


    Thank you, that got it. I figured it was my error not something with the installer.
  3. Kildayil


    Yah, I looked in the settings in game, and all I see is dynamic and static in the crosshairs there. Not sure why its not working. I'll keep messing with it. Thanks.
  4. Kildayil


    Love the modpack, but I am unable to get any of the crosshairs to show up in game. I click on the marks next to whichever I am trying to get at the time, however, it does not work in game. Everything else I seem to choose, works fine. Any ideas as to why? Is there something I am missing that needs to be done in addition for the crosshair mods? Thanks

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