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  1. several mods stopped working

    So I figured out my issue and I wonder if it can be changed. I got a new 27" monitor that plays at 2560*1440 but I enjoy playing at 1920*1080. When I run 1920, the info panel and detail damage completely disappear. Run 2560, they are back. Think there is a way to make it work on 1920??
  2. These were working yesterday then stopped later on before clan wars. Uninstalled today (was running 6.13.1_06), DL and installed _08, same thing. Everything works I have installed except "Info Panel (self)" and "Detailed Damage Indicator." From this picture you can see it shows "info panel (enemy)" and gives total damage. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Aslain et al I see where it looks like you no longer have to "download" files (I suppose) to create your modpack and I just want to say it looks fantastic and runs fast as hell now. Good job..keep up the outstanding work....everyone involved in all of this. Thanks again.
  4. strangest thing

    Couldn't sleep last night so thought I would mess around with different mods and see what I like. installed uninstalled different camera's, Battle GUI etc, and what I think was ultimately the issue the Arpeggio Hit Effects Everywhere and/or the Application for loading Aslain's installer config app. Now I couldn't figure out how to make that run, so I deleted it first, then my problems started. Maybe it was that, unsure. Basically every time I would run the installer app to remove mods and then click next to install then, everything would download but it would get hung up on installing files in the res_mods\\alt_hud, gui\flash, and gui\unbound folders. In alt_hud it would not overwrite settings.xml or smoke_generator_timer.xml In gui\flash it would not overwrite anything in ml-marker or ml-damage folders or the .swf file in gui\unbound it would not overwrite anything at all. I tried uninstall Aslain and was able, however I could not manually delete anything left over in the res mod file (which was these 3 folders). Windows error saying "files in use" and close the program which I could not find what was running, even after restarting and shut down, reboot. Afterwards I redownloaded and installed a few files at a time and chose "ignore" when it said it couldn't overwrite those above files, to retry, abort, or ignore (error or code 5 I believe) until I had all my mods reinstalled. Game worked fine except I had no TAB key (it acted like the ALT key) and my mini MAP was broken Played random battles. After some time decided I did not like the Arpeggio effects, opened the installer file, unclicked, installed the mods, then everything worked great. Played a game, no problem, everything back the way it was. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. public test question

    This might be a stupid a** question but can you run Mods in the public test as well? There are some I would like to try and it might be nice (voice, GUI, etc) Thanks
  6. DL-Links not correct?

    speaking of download, sometimes after picking my mods and going through install it downloads at less than 100kbytes a second and sometimes at 1-2 Mbs a second. Is that server usage at the time? I have Fiber internet so speed wise it's not on my end...just curious
  7. Port UI Issues - NA client

    Is this the newest download? the This occurs in the NA port?
  8. Issue with Detailed Damage Indicator

    Update fixed everything. Thanks to all
  9. Captain issues

    Yes worked great
  10. Extended Tech Tree

    Thanks Aslain
  11. Extended Tech Tree

    That's true...try this. Worked for me The issue is probably with the file ..\res_mods\\gui\unbound\dock.xml Try renaming it to dock.xml.bak and restart the game.
  12. As title says, pics below, the overall damage populates, however damage done by others and damage I cause do not. Damage done to me Damage done to others ( 1 kill, I'm dead, still nothing) Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip Thanks again
  13. Captain issues

    That worked...thanks
  14. Captain issues

    Yep...running without tech tree and clear Captains are there. With those 2, nothing. Here is the zip Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip with tech / clean vision without
  15. Captain issues

    Something I noticed since I installed the new modpack...I can not see nor move my Captains to other boats (from reg to premium boat, etc). Guess I should have taken a screen shot to better explain. Basically, in port, I can select my ship and the Captain is shown, I can select the captain and view his skills etc, but under the captain picture, "from reserve and from other ships" no pictures are visible. No I uninstalled and deleted everything so I do not have the log files. I did see when I logged in someone mentioned this in the chatbox. I was not running session stats, but I did have clear vision and tech tree installed. Maybe it's them? Guess I failed the mention when I uninstalled Aslain, everything was normal.