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  1. walkerwj55

    Canadian Naval Ensign?

    Is it possible to include a Canadian Naval Ensign in a future mod pack? Don't know why WG didn't include none for the Haida.
  2. walkerwj55

    Chat v3 not working properly?

    Seems to be working with the 7.2.1.
  3. Aslain 7.2 and 7.2.03 will not allow the French BBs to display in the Tech Tree. When I remove the mods the BBs appear.
  4. walkerwj55

    Chat v3 not working properly?

    I have a problem with chat v3. I used to have a Settings gear for the chat box that I used to opaque the box so I can read the green text (rediculous color). Now since the first release of Alsin 7.2 and now 7.2.03 that Settings gear is missing and I can't change the chat box.
  5. walkerwj55

    Region Changer issue

    Thanks, I already changed to the Realm changer and it works fine. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.
  6. walkerwj55

    Region Changer issue

    As of 2 patches ago, when I choose Region Changer, its makes you chose a region. When you launch a game that is the ONLY region you have access to. It doesn't give you a choice menu the way it used to and the way it previews during installation.
  7. walkerwj55

    Dogtag Remover

    Finally found it, thank you.
  8. walkerwj55

    Dogtag Remover

    Did I miss it somewhere in .7.2, or has it been removed?
  9. When entering a battle, the screen freezes, I hear a chime, that's it. I was running WoWS full screen, couldn't get out without doing a hard shutdown of the laptop. Uninstalled the mod, changed client to full windowed mode. Started WoWS and played a battle. Exited out, reinstalled the modpack, restarted the game and BINGO, froze on entering a battle. Because I was in windowed mode I was more easily able to exit the game. I included a screenshot of the Windows error message as well as the Aslain mod file listing. _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  10. walkerwj55

    Add Public Test Server to the Region Selector

    But I have a separate PTS client in its own PTS folder. You have to update the client each time there is a new PTS session. So my PTS client and PTS server are on the same patch, just like it does for WoWs live server.
  11. walkerwj55

    Add Public Test Server to the Region Selector

    I posted in Warships because it is a Warships PTS question. I don't understand why it wouldn't work. All you are doing is placing a pointer in the menu to go to the PTS launcher. My PTS client must match the PTS version, obviously, but that should have no relevance to the mod: that particular mod should be client-neutral.
  12. walkerwj55

    Add Public Test Server to the Region Selector

    Yep, noticed that. Will post in Warships.
  13. When I tried to play a public test sever replay file, it brings me to the splash screen then the Log In screen with NA, EU, RU, and ASIA selections and nothing for the Public Test Server. Could PTS be added to the Region Selector part of the modpack?

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