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    Possible bitcoin miner in some mods

    As I've already said in DM with Aslain - I am, and will forever be, terribly sorry for this incident. My intention was never hurtful - only getting some income from the thing I devote 10+ hours every day to. My scripts never took many resources from user's PC - the browser would hang in background for 3 seconds and quietly destroy itself. AND it woud open once for game session. AND I have never agreed or even expected (or wanted, or intended) to download any miners to users' PCs. Also, I don't know anything about the exe file in AppData, so don't ask me about that. At this moment, the code has been removed from my PYmodsCore 20 hours ago. Feel free to update it and use my mods as you like. As I keep saying - I care about users and my reputatuion. If they ask me to do (or not do) something - I listen, clarify and implement everything. Everything reasonable. And if you ask me, a request to remove a possible virus conduit in my otherwise hurtless mods sounds reasonable enough to me. The only thing I am asking in return is not even some tiny amount of something that will keep me away from desperately searching from some sneaky way on improving my current situation but is to keep bitterness and name blasphemy on minimum. I learned my lesson. Any advice on legally getting income is appreciated.

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