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  1. Aslain looks like your thread on the NA forum no longer exists. I had it followed and its not on my list nor can I find it. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/631369-where-is-the-aslains-mod-pack-thread/page__pid__12584356#entry12584356 EDIT: See you answered in the linked thread Aslain. Quick reply as usual.
  2. Same with presets. Hadn't even thought about that till ViperT mentioned it. I still wonder (still not enough data) if it's just when you are in a different custom camo pattern/season. Enter battle in a different season than the map you draw then exit and it hangs up because it's either conflicting with the seasons or timing out. Presets do appear to be a workaround as I dumped even more stuff and still had issues. Looks like I'm gonna reinstall my mods and run presets. Your custom camo set ups will stay on as long as you don't override them. So when it's fixed you won't have to reapply them. Just exit from the custom styles. Custom style and presets are completely separate. Meaning whichever one you apply and exit (or save) that is what is applied. But the other setup remains unless you change/remove it and apply and exit under it. For example. If you put a preset on and apply and exit that's what is displayed in the garage. If you go back in and go to custom style and set up a tank then apply and exit then that's what is displayed. That preset is still applied you just don't see it as you last exited under custom. And vice versa. Found this out when I was missing some camos before I started running camo mods. The only thing is if they get freed up by the mod or they stay locked to the tank since you're actively on presets. Hope that makes sense if not I can try to clarify. Wonder about those custom camos that are the same for each season as there are several. As long as you don't apply emblems, etc... or apply the same ones to them they should act the same as presets I would think since they wouldn't essentially have to swap seasons.
  3. You mean the folder roaming>wargaming>WOT folder via %appdata% ??? If it's the folder I just asked about I don't think it'll help. I dumped it since Aux... got his mod fixed cause I was still having issues thinking it would fix it. It didn't. It also has all the history for some of your mods like the camo and gear stuff, so if you don't back it up then you start from zero. Normally I back it, up but I used to use the other camo demount so Auxiillium was new to me and most my tanks weren't set up so no big deal. I uninstalled unanonymizer and the others mentioned and all the other garage mods I was running and still hanging up and pretty much every battle now unless I exit out early. Hate to not run it, but the camo may have to go till it's sorted. I honestly think that's it. I even dumped stuff I didn't think would matter like friends notifier, Aslain's gold prems, the selected tank highligher, garage clock, etc... I play on NA but I went to EU and there's not a peep in Auxillium's thread. I'm gonna go through and delete some more mods and go from there. If that doesn't work then I may try just the camo mod to see what happens.
  4. Thanks guys I'll wait until I either get stuck on updating or finish my current session then remove unanonymizer. Like kupjones I think it's Aux considering it got broken with the progressive decals and (from posts) had to have a major update. And I also would rather axe the unanonymizer than Aux's camo. Good to know that about exiting battle early. If I get rekt I won't hang around lol.
  5. kupjones could very well be correct. I've noticed Auxilliums really drags to load up even if I'm just going between tanks in the garage. And I also do run the unanonymizer mod. Some thoughts. Has anyone had this issue if they exited from battle before it ended? I've only had it if I hang around or am living at the end. BUT I normally do that anyways, so I don't have any results where I exited battle early. And even then the way it's so sporadic I don't know if that would help pin it down. Just thinking if you exit early then all the after battle data isn't being compiled at the same time as you're exiting back into it and possibly also back into a different camo scheme that was on the tank when you clicked battle. That extra time swapping into a new camo into the garage could be putting the time over enough extra to trigger it or trigger it more often. If I exit the game and go back in immediately it'll still be updating sometimes. If I wait it out that doesn't happen. That leans toward kupjones being correct.
  6. No, but I'm running Aux auto camo and Aux equip and having same issue. I've also got something else to report unrelated, but I'll do it at the end of this with a screenshot and logs rather than make a new thread since I'm already posting. Like redraven I think it's probably the autocamo from Aux... but unwilling to ditch it unless it gets considerably worse. It's not consistent enough to say and I just noticed this POSSIBILITY so it's a very small sample size. Seems it may be related to if your camo is on one season in the garage and you drop into battle with another season. Maybe since the seasons aren't matching there's a sync or some other issue. Edit: See subsequent post. But again I haven't noticed that but for the last few times. And I've switched camo seasons and it hasn't happened. Also just installed the current version so not sure if logs will help with this issue. The other issue I'm having may be related to the XVM nightly/experimental build. I've got multiple server ping meters though I should only have SA and USC as the NA client is all I have installed except for the current Common Test and Equipment Sandbox as well. Screenshot below and logs are attached. Nothing major, more of a minor annoyance that anything. But wanted to pass it along all the same. Edit: That was update/version 7. Just installed update 8 and still have the pingmeters. Can attach new logs if needed, but I'm still thinking it's XVM. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Thanks Aslain. Do you know if anyone has plans to update it? Thanks in advance and appreciate all of your hard work.
  8. lgfrbcsgo will not be updating this mod, but has graciously offered to allow anyone to publish the mod under their name. The source code also been changed to WTFPL. Forum thread from EU. First link is the opening post which has the download location. Second link is the post allowing others to publish it and I've also attached a screenshot. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/671875-120-customization-manager-1010/#topmost http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/671875-120-customization-manager-1010/page__st__80__pid__17881152#entry17881152
  9. Thanks hadn't thought about rolling them back. I use Aslains big font and am getting something that just shows the class symbol which is as you said a bit annoying till you get used to the new ones. If rolling back doesn't help I'm gonna have to tinker around till I find something that lists/specifies the tank not just the class.
  10. According to the forum blacklisted players and friends will not show if they are anonymized. This has been stated by a few folks. Not sure if they're running anonymous themselves or if they're running XVM. But I'm gonna guess, based on that and my limited understanding of how things work, that anyone that has their stats blocked whether they're running anonymous or if they're anonymous because of XVM's changes that they won't show as blacklisted or friends on your client. Guessing it's because the client or mod (depending on your blacklist) won't recognize an "anonymous" name whether it's a made up one or blank placeholder.
  11. How about getting a friggin' clue, some manners and over yourself. And its pretty sad and pathetic that you want to run the anonymizer, but are on here crying when you can't because everyone's stats are anonymized courtesy of XVM if you're running it and the anonymizer.
  12. I'm gonna guess cause it's been 12 hours since you've disabled the anonymizer based on this.
  13. Yep guessing XVM and it was a coincidence on the timing. Strange though as it hasn't been updated since 11.28 and was working.
  14. Same, but I'm using Aslain's panels. Was working fine with the first version. Hasn't since the current. Don't see anything on XVM site about it being down or issues. Also made sure I was active (i was) on it and reinstalled mods. No change. Gonna roll back to the first version from earlier today to see if that makes a difference. I''ll post after I do so regardless of the results.
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