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  1. According to the forum blacklisted players and friends will not show if they are anonymized. This has been stated by a few folks. Not sure if they're running anonymous themselves or if they're running XVM. But I'm gonna guess, based on that and my limited understanding of how things work, that anyone that has their stats blocked whether they're running anonymous or if they're anonymous because of XVM's changes that they won't show as blacklisted or friends on your client. Guessing it's because the client or mod (depending on your blacklist) won't recognize an "anonymous" name whether it's a made up one or blank placeholder.
  2. How about getting a friggin' clue, some manners and over yourself. And its pretty sad and pathetic that you want to run the anonymizer, but are on here crying when you can't because everyone's stats are anonymized courtesy of XVM if you're running it and the anonymizer.
  3. I'm gonna guess cause it's been 12 hours since you've disabled the anonymizer based on this.
  4. Yep guessing XVM and it was a coincidence on the timing. Strange though as it hasn't been updated since 11.28 and was working.
  5. Same, but I'm using Aslain's panels. Was working fine with the first version. Hasn't since the current. Don't see anything on XVM site about it being down or issues. Also made sure I was active (i was) on it and reinstalled mods. No change. Gonna roll back to the first version from earlier today to see if that makes a difference. I''ll post after I do so regardless of the results.
  6. Thanks :) plus one or whatever it's called on this forum. :P
  7. Same was in FL thought it was just FL related.
  8. LOL thanks Aslain. :) Where do we put that file?
  9. Aslain I found this on EU forum in the official thread. Seems author isn't updating, but someone else did and attached the fix. Haven't tried it myself yet so can't vouch for it yet. Should go to the specific post. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/671875-120-customization-manager-1010/page__st__40__pid__17129924#entry17129924
  10. Aslain's this isn't my post, just passing it along in case it's legit. Thread link NA forums, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/601623-fyi-antivirus-detected-trojan-in-clan-icons-dl/
  11. The option under XVM to show arty splash is on by default and can't be turned off. Normally it's off unless you hit B to enable it. B will not turn it off either. Archive file attached Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. The 80 percent on a same class group silver retrain (from 100 base) is a display bug. If you actually retrain them as a group they'll retrain to 90 percent correctly. And if you choose to train them individually they'll display 90 percent correctly and re-train correctly. Done this as recently as when we got the free T3 T29 as I silver retrained that crew as a group for another Soviet med. I run mods and have only done it while running mods. So unsure if that bug is related to a mod or not. As for the gold/free conflict I have no clue.
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