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  1. sso i reinstalled the mod pack again twice and after the 3rd time the stats started showing up.
  2. fixed somehow that click didn't pass on through the reinstall.
  3. yeah same. ive run both first and second and it didn't change for me.
  4. I'm not able to return a crew when the vehicle is selected. I have to do it the vanilla way.
  5. I'm not getting any XVM stats on the panels at all. i'm using the Solo panels.
  6. After this install i'm not getting the in garage stats without clicking the notification button. They used to be right one the right. Did i lose it or not click ssomething?
  7. Yeah I’m not getting it with quickybaby’s panels either but then again even though I selected quickybabys panels it installed something else.
  8. I have downloaded the current patch. I use the same settings but the Quickbaby panels are not the correct panels.
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