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  1. Good Luck Aslain !!!! Please feel free to give us an update of your wellbeing at your earliest convenience. Thanks for everything you have done !
  2. ALL of the other Modders do not have a working 9.18 ATM. ... PLUS, they suck.
  3. NEVER fails...as soon as the Mod Packs start working perfectly, they come out with a major new release of the game :/
  4. Go the XVM web page, log in, go to settings and select "0" for top clans on the slider bar. Your Clan Icon should now show up on the Battle Loading Page.
  5. If you double punch F1, it speeds up the process when it happens :)
  6. After trying to do EVERYTHING possible not to reset the WoT cache, even trying to run V9.13.10 with nothing but; Red vs. Green and simple tank icons, but still having the same problem, I bit the bullet and reset the WoT cache. Works now. Go figure?
  7. Still doing the same thing, but didn't try cleaning WoT cache. Is there a way to just clean the WoT cache without resetting all of the in-game settings? _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  8. Vanilla version loads fine, update with V9.13.10 and freezes on "World of Tanks Loading... Please wait..." loading indicator bar goes to about 7/8 finished. Only way back to desktop is "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" then;Task Manager _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Aslain, it was suggested that I post my logs here ... I redo everything from ground zero with each update you do, so all that is here pertains to V4.6.35 only. If you need earlier logs, I have them for each update too. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. Quaksen, I saw that he was trying to get to the cliff, ( which is exactly what I would of done in his position...Banzai ! ) so I was just trying to track him with the ram and let the Calvary finish him off when they got there...at our closing speed I thought I could do more...lol
  11. Are you using the "Replays Manager"? I have had pretty smooth sailing for awhile by not using any: Garage Mods (ex for Carousel ); mini-map mods; or tech-tree mods; but with V4.6.31 I tried one day of adding the "Replays Manager" and BAM! LOTS of problems. It does say on the mod EU, and I am NA...maybe not compatible?
  12. Does anyone know how to make a quality shortened clip of the end of this Battle? And when I replay it, none of my mods show on the screen, Is this normal? It was a short Battle, but funny as hell! Check out the down-hill speeding Waffle Tractor vs. Leopard 1. I truly was surprised that I had ZERO impact. [sic] And it only gets funnier from there!. ( And yes Scorpainy, I still do still LOVE to Sky Line! ) 20151006_2327_germany-G89_Leopard1_29_el_hallouf.wotreplay
  13. Aslain, here are the files you wanted to see. I was CTD'ing within 10 battles on a regular basis. The files included are from V4.5.2, where I think it was the GTO causing the prom. <shrug> _Aslain_logs.zip _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf python.log
  14. If you use this don't forget to turn off the in-game mini-map enhancements as it does have the good "Vehicle Last Spotted" Icon instead of the bad WoT Icon.
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