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  1. Aslain's this isn't my post, just passing it along in case it's legit. Thread link NA forums, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/601623-fyi-antivirus-detected-trojan-in-clan-icons-dl/
  2. The option under XVM to show arty splash is on by default and can't be turned off. Normally it's off unless you hit B to enable it. B will not turn it off either. Archive file attached Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. The 80 percent on a same class group silver retrain (from 100 base) is a display bug. If you actually retrain them as a group they'll retrain to 90 percent correctly. And if you choose to train them individually they'll display 90 percent correctly and re-train correctly. Done this as recently as when we got the free T3 T29 as I silver retrained that crew as a group for another Soviet med. I run mods and have only done it while running mods. So unsure if that bug is related to a mod or not. As for the gold/free conflict I have no clue.
  4. Figured you knew about it, but just making sure. Also wasn't aware you checked them all with network analyzer. Again all seems fine now. Thanks for the quick reply and for your modpack.
  5. First if this is mentioned elsewhere apologies. Also Aslain I know you're not responsible for what's in other folks mods that you include in your pack. And I'm not suggesting you are, just passing along some info. And thanks for all you do on your site. Link to TAP's article, https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/02/20/wot-potential-security-breach/ Just ran into this myself - at least it seems. Couldn't update WoT and got the couldn't connect to update service. Soon after my AV blocked a suspicious connection to a similar IP listed in the article. May have been the same IP I know the first handful of numbers were. But I didn't write it down nor have I checked my AV history. Deleted my appdata for WoT and was able to update the game. Did this based on some comments in the TAP article even though I didn't see anything in there that looked suspicious. Also before I deleted the appdata folder I was getting partial pages on WoT forum that appeared to be from packet loss. Also couldn't connect to a few other sites. ISP speeds were fine, but to clarify I only checked speeds not packet loss, etc.. After I deleted the appdata everything seems fine - at least for now.
  6. Tried both still having the issue, though now I'm getting into the garage and it disconnects me shorty afterward. Deleted all my appdata and it didn't help. Here's the new logs if they'll help. Seems has to do with something with the hangar, but I'm not sure as not running any of the garage mods (xvm or otherwise). Again thanks Aslain. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Specifically it seems to be during equipment syncing. Thought it may have been XVM sounds per another thread on this forum, so I disabled XVM sounds and it still occurred. Then ran it without XVM installed and still happened. SAFE mode is fine, so I reinstalled mods with my normal configuration to attach the logs. Also I ran the integrity check twice and restarted system before changing my mod installation selection. Logs attached. Thanks for all you do Aslain. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Good news that you're out of the hospital and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take it easy Aslain, baby steps at first. Don't overdo it. Again good to have you back.
  9. Good luck, thoughts and prayers Aslain.
  10. Thx Aslain, I'll disable arty log as well. Also going to disable all the crosshair stuff and zoom out on reinstall. But before I reinstall here's the latest logs which are separate from my earlier attachment. Again for me it's only some of the time. Thanks for all you do Aslain and good luck getting it sorted out. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Just curious what crosshairs are you guys using. Im using jimbos v2 with marsoffs aim circle and harpoon mini spg. It's still intermittent for me. I'm gonna run some more games so I have logs to upload plus I can exit out and get back in via safe mode quick enuf - usually. When I kill the game via task manager and go back in safe mode everything's fine when it does occur.
  12. Aslain, don't know if this will help since I reinstalled after the issue. But here are the archiver logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. I've had it too. On only two maps out of several. In my case I could see the OTM on the screen and they went into a free cam mode when I clicked the mouse (can't recall which button). Also I could drive and fire and watch my tank on the minimap. Maps were El Halluf in arty and in an M4 on Windstorm. added 6 minutes later Also on El Halluf I was in arty and when I went into arty mode it just zoomed the map in the direction I was looking at the start. I couldn't change my camera angle, but the OTMs on the tanks close to me would move when I clicked the mouse. Exited out via task manager on the second time (El Halluf in arty) and was fine in safe mode. Unfortunately I reinstalled and deleted my Python log via the installer before I saw this thread.
  14. And therein lies the problem. One staffer to head up mod stuff (with a team assigned if need be) with a detalied list of what's banned and if there's a question that staffer is consulted or one of his/her team members. And I'm not saying in open forum, but for WG's internal purposes. Too many cooks spoiled the broth comes to mind as well as one hand not knowing what the other one is doing. And I like Ghost and have no issues with Pigeon for that matter. But WG deleting these threads is pretty damn questionable. And deleting them without a mention in open forum at minimum about the reversal in the ruling is really questionable. For what it's worth I've PM'd Ghost, Pigeon and NyxWGA (think I've got the spelling right lol) with post links asking for some clarification and suggesting they create a new separate staff thread which can be quoted.
  15. Laughable or not this isn't just some low level staffer it's Pigeon of War and Ghost Prime. WG needs to clarify this. One way or another.
  16. Looks like Autoaim + may very well be considered an aimbot. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/516464-could-a-wg-employee-clarify-if-autoaim-aka-autoaim-extended-is-legal-or-not/ Also per Ghostprime zoom out, autoaim indication + (already covered above) and reload timers are banned on NA. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/511145-how-do-i-get-get-more-results-other-than-in-game-reporting/page__pid__10377129#entry10377129
  17. First let me clarify I'm not being argumentative. Remember this is WG we're talking about... "Aimbot" without any kind of definition is pretty damn broad to be honest and very open to interpretation. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that WoT consensus - at least by forum posts I've seen consider an integral part of the definition of aimbot to mean it targets weakspots or specific areas (i.e. modules/crew). Which, using that interpretation, you're right. Aslain's pack doesn't contain an aimbot as it doesn't target weakspots or any specific spots like modules/crew. But their definition of aimbot and yours (or mine) may be different. And me nor you would nor forum consensus would be making those rulings. One (or WG) could argue that the vanilla auto aim is an aimbot since it does the aiming for you, but it's just an approved aimbot. And again this removing the threads re: the turret indicator without an official forum notification by WG raises an eyebrow. I'm not saying they're intentionally setting up folks to be hosed, but let's be honest the next player that is honestly running that mod is going to be hard pressed to defend himself since those posts are now deleted. While Aslain removed it there are likely going to be other mod authors that don't tbh. Hell the forum is full of folks that post about aimbots referencing those mods that do NOT target weak spots or specific points. It's entirely plausible that WG staff could come to the same conclusion. Again not arguing, just saying. I know they can't give all inclusive list of banned mods just by nature of them. But they could and should do a helluva lot better job at getting more specific and in some cases describing what specifc mods are banned. I've seen them cite in the past that any list is not an exclusive list and all mods are subject to case by case review. Just because they're not on the list doesn't mean they're OK. And I understand that position. But they (WG) knows what the most popular mods are or if they don't they should. So making a specific list of at least the more popular ones isn't too much to ask imo. Them continuously stating that the natures of mods make it hard to make a list is a poor excuse at least in regards to the more popular mods. Then those thread removals without some type of official notification is just another bad move by them. And the fact they used that specific map picture as you mention really gives weight to the point - at least imo.
  18. To clarify this post pertains to NA server. No clue as to other servers since different servers have different mod rulings. Just like to point out that that mod is and has been in their both their prohibited mod thread AND support articles for quite some time. BUT the OP is correct there is, or maybe the correct term now is was, conflicting information about it by WG staff in open forum as well. One of these incorrect "rulings" was that it was legal as long as it was within VIEW range (not render range mind you) since you could ascertain that info by other means whether it be looking at the tank(s) in question whether by you or someone else on the team. Support article (note the map screenshot), https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/294 Forum thread which is basically a copy/paste of the article (note the map screenshot), http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/501557-policy-on-prohibited-modifications/ Note the mini map picture which is the last one in the thread and the article. This tank view extended mod they refer to it as FOV turret indicator in the thread/article. Also what about the turret direction marker in the direction indicator mod? It would follow it is banned since it's the same information. To clarify there are two versions of the direction indicator one which just shows direction to the enemy via a carrot type marker which, by my understanding, is legal as long as it only shows spotted enemies. The one that I'm referring to is has that marker or carrot imposed onto a circle which gives the turret direction or FOV via by it's position on the circle. Also a question re: enemy reload timers. Also note that on the map picture in question an enemy loading circle is also banned. The circle in question doesn't have a specific reload rate listed or for that matter any reload rate listed. I've seen it discussed that the enemy reload timers, like Aslain has in his pack, are OK since that info is not on the minimap. Or that if those mods don't data mine the specific reload they're OK. Again it needs to be pointed out that the example in WGNA's thread and support article doesn't list ANY time much less one that is the actual reload or data mined. With the potential for different and conflicting interpretations by NA staff as evidenced by the OP's experience does anyone know for sure. I know some popular NA streamers run the reload timers like Aslain has in his pack. I've seen that also mentioned by folks claiming they're legal on NA as long as they don't data mine the actual reload rate and/or appear on the minimap. Also it would seem that NA has made a hard decision on the turret indicator since they've removed staff references to it being OK as the OP mentions. So much for the next folks making an honest mistake and having threads supporting their claims. So good job on removing it altogether Aslain. One last thing in closing. Note both the article and thread mention "Aimbot Mods" as being banned with no further description. Again going by forum posts (nothing by staff that I've seen mind you) the version that Aslain has is considered OK on NA. Does anyone have any official confirmation on this? Again in light of OPs experience and WG's conflicting info in his situation and then the removal of those threads/posts should give anyone pause.
  19. Same here until I checked the option to mirror/mimic (can't recall the term it uses) the icons. There's a different box to check if you use xvm or don't. Side effect it changed my enemy tank names to red text which I don't have set to show that way in the other part of the pack. Edit: It's the first part under The Mod Pack section. Vehicle contour icons option to mirror contour icons. That fixed it for me. Also the color change was on my end as I had somehow had it selected in the upper part of the pack by mistake. Edit2: Just for clarification. I've never used the mirror option before and never had the icons flipped before.
  20. FYI I just rolled back to .14 version and everything is fine.
  21. Same here and I just tried XVM OTM same thing only the tank class icon nothing else showing.
  22. Same that fixed it for me as well. OP make sure to do it while logged off the client so it unloads.
  23. Go to >res-mods >0.9.12 >scripts >client >mods and rename (I'm reluctant to delete anything while testing) this file damageAnnouncer_v2_2.pyc Make sure to do it while logged off the client or log off after doing it so it unloads. Haven't had any issues since doing it. Hope that helps.
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