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  1. I think for this you need to add your log here
  2. Try to remove this mod: InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki] It helped me and i see u have that mod too so try :)
  3. Problem fixed for me !! The problematic mod was InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki] Like Quaksen already mentioned (I try the other calculator and it´s not working in game but u can at least play without problems) Thanks moderator for that ! :)
  4. Yes it´s ok. I mean we got problems some of guys uploaded their logs so we need to hope there is something like xvm/general opt/or something about maybe scope ? who knows aslain needs to check it in game I think and needs to do and updated version without that "bug" all we can do now is wait, maybe make this thread most visited to be easily visible for them.
  5. Many guys got this problem, they included logs so it must be something general, not only one mod... it´s about bad optimalisation of modpack or something like this
  6. It´s not just in FL, it is broken in standard battles too...
  7. Hello, I would like to ask whats the problem with newest modpack version after installing always the same mods that worked previously correct Im having the problem with camera, i cant see tanks, cant do ESC menu, cant even move, shoot all I can see is bugged camera to amazing angle of map, minimap which shows that i´m in the middle of map and I need to force quit game. I tried to run game with safe mode and I can play normal match so it must be something with the new update. Any ideas ? -Added screenshot from battle.
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