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Potential UI & Script Problem With Crew Retraining

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Background: First off, in general, crew retraining shows "80% qualification" on the credit retraining for the same type the crew is rated on. (I forget if this happens with mods or without--I noticed it about 3 major revisions ago). That is the first flag that something is going on, modless or not.



Aslain I have a *huge* potential bug. I retrained an IS-7 loader the other night with *GOLD*, and he lost nearly all his crew exp on the remaining point (it was almost 99%, dropped 34k or so to about 98% flat). After a long exchange with the ever-untalkative, paste-log-and-don't-explain-anything WGA support, it appears I retrained him for free and in the same instant (so it had to be by script), retrained him with gold. WGA said to "kindly remove your modsas it could be messing with the game's UI."  Any ideas which mods these are? I have the timestamp courtesy of WG staff, if you think any game logs have that info: (2018-02-19 21:21:27)


Quote from WG support:


Here's the log for your loader retraining

(2018-02-19 21:21:27)    greengem    Retraining crew member (despecialization)    IS-7 (U.S.S.R., ID: 7169)    0    0    Tankman Loader, IS-7 (U.S.S.R., ID: 7169)
(2018-02-19 21:21:27)    greengem    Retraining crew member    Object 263 (U.S.S.R., ID: 21249)    -200    0    Tankman Loader, Object 263 (U.S.S.R., ID: 21249)







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The 80 percent on a same class group silver retrain (from 100 base) is a display bug.  If you actually retrain them as a group they'll retrain to 90 percent correctly.  And if you choose to train them individually they'll display 90 percent correctly and re-train correctly.


Done this as recently as when we got the free T3 T29 as I silver retrained that crew as a group for another Soviet med.


I run mods and have only done it while running mods.  So unsure if that bug is related to a mod or not.


As for the gold/free conflict I have no clue.



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Yes, I the 80% thing works "normally", but you can't tell (presumably) without looking at the crew you're going to get 90% or 80% crew at the end, unless it shows 70% for cross-type training. I'm pretty sure it's a WG error, because when a new patch comes out I'm without mods if I start playing immediately.

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