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  1. I knew this behavior was not normal. I registered JUST FOR THIS topic. I have been too lazy and reluctant about reporting the behavior of WOT running in the background despite being 'closed'; I would just manually kill the program; started in December or so. Thought it could be a bitcoin miner program or such in one of the mods, but thought "its aslains-- its safe! uh-huh<<tinfoilhat>>". The most recent update, the WOT hanging stopped, however I started getting malware bytes alert, on trying to connect to world of tanks-- strange urls have been blocked upon clicking the connect button; like I click connect, and my computer clicks a link to generate "pay per click"? This is my feeling; I was discussing this with one of my friends this very morning on my suspicions, as when WOT was hanging, it was only when running with mods. This malware alert only happens when mods are installed. Further investigation needs to be done on this issue please. I have a suspicion as to what mods it could be, as i know its not the base aslain xvm or such, but one of the extra bits that give some sort of advantage, but still legal. Anywho... I hope I did not break any rules writing any of this, as this was a spur of the moment AH-HA post when I saw the topic; the very day I myself was trying to do some in depth investigation on the matter. Be safe! Hyper Edit: Same process as above, and very similar url as mentioned. The url has been varying.
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