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  1. McRam

    Player Info wrong font size

    That is fast!!! Thanks.
  2. Hello Aslain, Just a minor issue. With the latest install the in-game max player info uses the wrong font size for the XVM data. The font is too big causing lines be higher than they should. So everything ends up miss-aligned. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, McRam
  3. Just installed .31 and SafeShot is working again with me. One happy camper here :D .
  4. Too bad if the SafeShot mod is dead. Thanks Aslain and keep up the great work that you do.
  5. Using newest version .30 and I still have the problem with SafeShot. Clean install is mandatory so I am stumped. Any thoughts on how to solve this on my end?
  6. Hello, I am using version .27 but SafeShot does not seem to be working anymore. I can fire on teammates and wrecks. Hope this can be solved. Saves some shells and frustration with others :) . Cheers! McRam

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