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  1. MasterDestroyer666

    Display damage

    I wouldn't be able to play like that, respect lol
  2. MasterDestroyer666

    WGL skins

    Hasn't WGL skin bugs always been local tho?
  3. MasterDestroyer666

    WGL skins

    Yeah, was thinking the same... Was being quite hyped because they were in the modpack again, but it's nothing really important so
  4. MasterDestroyer666

    WGL skins

  5. MasterDestroyer666

    WGL skins

    Whenever i select WGL skins, i'm unable to log into WoT, as you can see on the screenshot. Already tried to install without tank remodels, but still got the same result. WGL skins seems like the only mod triggering this, WoT works fine when using all the other mods i use, only get the error when installing WGL skins. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. MasterDestroyer666

    Map rotation mod

    Oops, didn't see that thanks for fast respond
  7. MasterDestroyer666

    Map rotation mod

    Hey guys, where can i find the map rotation mod in game? It's not in the modification list :/ Thanks in advance
  8. MasterDestroyer666

    Battle observer

    Ok, perfect thanks a lot Mr Aslain
  9. MasterDestroyer666

    Battle observer

    Yes, the class icons. It's quite disturbing for people like me (autism + colorblind)
  10. MasterDestroyer666

    Battle observer

    Dear Mr. Aslain, Do you think it might be possible to add a colorblind version of the "battle observer" mod? Thanks in advance for feedback Btw: thanks for the great modpack, you are proof that not all heroes wear capes (assuming you don't wear a cape )
  11. MasterDestroyer666

    Games crashes every time after a couple of minutes

    Maybe it can help if you use a cleaner program like "CCleaner"? As their might be a remaining file of the mods you unselected? Or is the "clean install" 100% efficient with those problems?

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