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  1. how i tell on chat i reinstall modpack without werticall tree and mission helper and game start.
  2. Aim Assist

    i tray this mod its shit. iff you aim with him you miss all shots
  3. Best mod in the pack...

    can you put in pack mod for port where i can see premium ship in port ???? you have this mod in pack for tanks and its ok mod.
  4. problem with carusell and complet xvm i give you on wg forum pictures of xvm problems. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. XVM macros

    can you give us xvm macros because old one (0.9.9) dont work any more. what means this new macros wn8 = {{avglvl}} ????={{r}}
  6. New mod on mirtankov net

    http://mirtankov.net/mods/12128-mod-umenshennyj-interfejs-v-boyu-world-of-tanks.html Can you implement this mod in your mode pack. I have a problem with damage panel and this mod. without you damage panel that mode works well and other way around.