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  1. Hey, just popped in to say i found your review funny :D also, I see your points, its on par with other reviewers. Cheers
  2. Got it thanks! Whats wrong with spoter? He has been disrespectful with other modders?
  3. Hi all, long time user first time poster :D
  4. Hi all, This is my first post, and I just wanted to say I use Aslains modpack for a long time. I cant afford a tip, but I always watch his DL ads :D Soooo I used to have this mod with a panel taht indicates the status of my currently active mission and I liked it. For several versions now I can't seem to find it... Is is not included anymore? Where can I DL it separately? Sorry for the dumb question, but the only modding ive ever done was running the modpack installer ^^ Cheers