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Is there a program to find the x and y coordinates in World of Tanks?

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I am trying to find a program that will tell you or show you the x and y coordinates for World of Tanks. Ty.

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"The coordinate system for a window is based on the coordinate system of the display device. The basic unit of measure is the device unit (typically, the pixel). Points on the screen are described by x- and y-coordinate pairs. The x-coordinates increase to the right; y-coordinates increase from top to bottom. The origin (0,0) for the system depends on the type of coordinates being used.

The system and applications specify the position of a window on the screen in screen coordinates. For screen coordinates, the origin is the upper-left corner of the screen. "


The information above is taken directly from the document in the following link.  I believe this is the way it works in Tanks.


If you want to move the object to the right then increase the X value.

If you want to move the object down then increase the Y value.


So if your screen resolution is 1600 x 900 then X=800, Y=450 should be the pixel in the very center of your display


(Sure hope I got this right...lol)



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