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  1. I am trying to find a program that will tell you or show you the x and y coordinates for World of Tanks. Ty.
  2. Thank you for the correction. It is has been awhile since I have messed with the mods.
  3. You could also copy the mod folder inside World of Tanks. The folder is res_mods. Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.
  4. Hope you have not given up on this mod. I would like it added back too.
  5. When I press the left control key the minimap does not zoom in. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Same thing is happening to me also.
  7. Oh ok duh me. I remember looking at the the XFT damage log but didn't think I changed it. Thank you thank you thank you lol. Much appreciated.
  8. I mean the overlapping damage log. Sorry for not being more clear and stating the exact issue.
  9. I am not sure why this started. I do not think I changed anything to make this happen but I don't know. Here is the pic. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. Thank you that worked. Buy why does manually downloading it work if it's the same file?
  11. The skins will not show up and I have cleared the cache folder lots of times. Thank you. _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. It does not show up now and I think it has never shown up. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. Same thing is happening to me _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  14. The crashing is happening to me also. With version .23 and .24. I removed Crew Exp Extended and Vehicle Exp Extended and it still happened. For me Fire & Ammo Rack by BadBoy78 hitskins seems to make it worse. I put on Goha.ru skins again and I thought I had the problem fixed. With Goha.ru skins I lasted awhile without crashes but last night it crashed twice. Before that the game would crash way more than that. Dont know if this helps or if that is part of the problem but that is what I am experiencing right now.
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