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Marks of Excellence

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I would love to have the option to see the Marks of Excellence instead the current option


XVM Code for it under `markersAliveNormal.xc` should be:

  "name": "Marks Excellence",
  "visible": true,
  "x": -10,
  "y": -11,
  "alpha": 100,
  "color": null,
  "shadow": {
    "alpha": 100,
    "color": "0x000000",
    "angle": 0,
    "distance": 0,
    "size": 2,
    "strength": 400
  "format": "{{marksOnGun}}"

and the marksOnGun can be set as

"marksOnGun": {
  "_0": "<img src='xvmres://xfticons/marks0.png' width='32' height='10'>",
  "_1": "<img src='xvmres://xfticons/marks1.png' width='32' height='10'>",
  "_2": "<img src='xvmres://xfticons/marks2.png' width='32' height='10'>",
  "_3": "<img src='xvmres://xfticons/marks3.png' width='32' height='10'>"

The code is using Xft icons, that I'm attaching to this post.



example showing the MoE with Xtf config:






Thank you!







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