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    Hi Aslain, I'm a long time adicted to your wonderful package but for personal use I have made some little color changes to existing mods included in your package, mostly because I have some problem with the standard red and green color set. I don't know if I broke some rules, so until now the use of this partial modding are only personal, but maybe some of the comunity share the same problem so I decided to post. One is a simple blue-orange color modification of the great J1mb0 crosshair: color changes included: crosshair_panel_arcade.swf crosshair_panel_sniper.swf crosshair_panel_strategic.swf crosshair_sniper.swf crosshair_strategic.swf (the mod don't work alone but need the j1mbo crosshair installed) Also same color stile for the Damage Panel with Angles color changes included: DamagePanel.swf (the mod don't work alone but need the Damage Panel with Angles installed) Last is a set of Icons that is intended to be used in conjuction, one set is for the ear icons an the other is designed to be placed over the tanks. (the mod don't work alone but need the Aslain Pack and some changes in the iconset.xc) "vehicleMarkerAlly": "contouricons/markers/", "vehicleMarkerEnemy": "contouricons/markers/" if you are for some reason interested I can upload or share a repository to let you have the files. And.. as always keep up the good work!
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